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Automated energy monitoring. Full control.

Save money with energy monitoring.

A full service platform for you that want to lower your energy costs and improve yourenvironmental impact. We will help you get an overview of your energy use.

Mestro pays itself off quickly. We help our customers to save between 5-10 % of their energy cost only through our visualization of energy data. What that means for you is simply: for every dime you invest in us, you’ll get a dollar back. Awesome.

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Welcome to a new world of conscious energy consumption.

Through Mestro’s web based system for energy monitoring, you will get full control of your usage. Mestro collects, analyzes and visualizes the energy data for you, automatically.

Our products is the best foundation to streamline your energy usage, where you will understand what you can to to lower both your energy consumption and relating costs.


We have helped customers to decrease their energy usage with over 30%.


Our automatic monitoring service collects over 9 million data points every day.


Lowered energy cost by using Mestro.


Over 100 million smart energy monitors have been installed throughout the EU.

Advanced but simple.

Straight forward and efficient energy monitoring.

Mestro’s offer is unique. We are the only ones in the market that offer you automatic collection, processing and visualization of your energy data. 

You get quality ensured, live data as well as analyses and reports. Discover the potential of Mestro.

We stand out

This makes us the best in the market

Mestro are experts in what is required for complete energy monitoring in the real estate industry.

We have time and time again succeeded in proving a positive change; only by raising awareness of the energy use of a company can it be possible to improve the pattern of behavior around the issue and, by extension, reduce both energy use and costs.

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