Automated energy monitoring. Total control.

Reduce your energy costs.

And save the world while you're at it.

The future of property management is creating ever greater demand for sustainable properties. With our web-based platform, you can take control of your energy use and reduce your climate footprint.

We collect, analyse and visualize your energy data for you, wherever possible on an automatic basis. It simply makes difficult decisions easier. You also save time and money and reduce your environmental impact.

Welcome to a new world of conscious energy consumption!

Mestro Portal för Energiuppföljning

Who is Mestro for?

We want to help everyone! Saving energy is a win we can all share.

Among our clients, there are commercial as well as municipal property owners, but we also have a lot of strong brands that want to get better in terms of sustainability. 

Many of our clients are strong players in the office, residential and warehouse sectors. But our clients also include exclusive boutiques, huge hotels and a swimming pool that wants to do more than just stay afloat. 

Wondering if Mestro is for you?

Our clients

Visualisering Mestro Portal

From zero to Mestro!

That’s exactly how it feels when you see your numbers made visual. We bring them to life – and give you a cleaner, easier way to access and act on your data. Fully cloud-based, fully automated. And also designed for both newbies and professionals. Convenient, right?

Ta ett första steg idag!

Mestro Free är vår fast track. Gå från ord till handling på några minuter och få access till vår gratisversion av Mestro Portal. Perfekt för dig som har ett mindre bestånd eller vill testa på Mestro Portals kraftfulla funktioner innan du tar det stora steget. 

How does the Mestro suite work?

Mestro Collect

Our philosophy is that it should be easy to collect data. You just have to choose how! Mestro’s collection engine can retrieve data about a range of usage types from various sources. And we’re adding additional types and sources all the time!

Mestro Connect

We connect your energy data to reality! By integrating with external sources of energy metrics, carbon dioxide and weather data, you can discover new dimensions of your properties. Of course, you can also connect this treasure trove of data points to your commercial or BI systems.

Mestro View

Get the most out of your data! With the help of interactive visualisation, tailored reports straight to your inbox and simple file exporting, you can make crucial decisions about your cost and sustainability management.

Mestro Portal

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