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We’re a growing digital scale-up with bright prospects. Our cloud-based energy monitoring service helps property owners save time, money and energy. That’s right – and headaches! Sustainability is the very core of what we do – and this exciting growth journey has only just begun.

With an increasing amount of data and information available, there’s a growing need to collect the data into a reliable infrastructure. Time and time again, we’ve been able to demonstrate positive change; only by raising awareness of energy consumption within an organisation is it possible to improve behaviour around the issue and ultimately reduce both energy use and costs.

Mestro's platform helps you to

  • Demonstrate the real value of your energy-saving actions
  • Strengthen the relationship with tenants and other stakeholders
  • Future-proof the business by building sustainability into operations

This is what we do!

Our energy platform gives you a quick overview and allows you to analyse your energy use without having to install any hardware. We connect all energy data in one system and create an easy-to-understand overview.

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Meet our customers

Our product suite is currently used by northern Europe’s most influential property companies, retail companies and hotel chains. Have a look at a selection of the prominent companies using Mestro’s products to the right and feel free to dig in to the News section to learn more about how they turn insights into value, a transition fueled by our great services. 

Meet the team

40 people, all with the same mission; to make the world a better place. In our fast-growing team, there are lots of accents and at least as many key skills. Together, they’re all contributing towards a wonderful, fast-paced daily life in our office at Kungsgatan 10.

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