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Advanced yet simple

We help you lower your energy usage.

Our automated and visualized energy monitoring gives you full control and lowers your energy costs. We want to make it easier for you to make informed choices about your energy consumption, so that you can improve your environmental impact as well. Welcome to Mestro!

Reduced costs through higher awareness about your energy consumption.

Quick installment of our web-based energy monitoring system that provides immediate results.

Unique product suite, tailored for your needs.

The solution to improved energy communication for different target groups as well as support and visualization tools for increased involvement in the energy and environmental issues.

Tailored for your needs, regardless of business.

Mestro has since the start in 2008 helped or customers to take control over their energy usage, save energy and lower their environmental impact. By automatically retrieving energy data to our proprietary and innovative platform, we simplify the digital energy follow-up of all energy types. Mestro's customized products can be used regardless of business or type of property, and visualization is automatically adapted for multiple formats such as mobiles, tablets and screens.

Today, Mestro is used by the Nordic region's most influential real estate companies, retail companies and hotel chains. By 2017, our partners managed to reduce their energy consumption by 70 GWh, which corresponds to the total annual consumption of approximately 2800 average villas!

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