The sunny side of partnership – Meet LUMA Energy

Mestro works constantly based on the idea that the development work is part of the product's raison d'être. In other words, we do not offer a static product but a service that is constantly being refined. And this service has just become smarter, more sophisticated and more than anything else - sunnier. This through the collaboration with our new partner, LUMA Energy.

LUMA Energy is not your average solar company. In addition to being perfectly positioned at a time when everyone is hungry for renewable energy, the company leans on the idea that the expertise in monitoring must match the simple genius of solar cells. In other words, to harness the full potential of solar energy, you need an understanding of your own production. An understanding customers will now also be able to find in Mestro Portal. Let us tell you about how and why the dream became a reality and LUMA Energy became part of Mestro Portal.

The energy source of the future

Renewable energy is the future. Regardless of ideology, regardless of estimates of how long it will take, we are moving towards an energy landscape where solar power will play a central role. The Swedish growth rate shows no signs of slowing down, and that’s a good thing! There are no ways to our climate goals that are not lined with an expansion of renewable energy.

Many real estate companies share this view and have been installing solar panels on their roofs in recent years. However, as a property owner, you often have different types of solar installations on different properties in different parts of the country. Each site is linked to a software company that collects, processes and presents the data to the property owner. This is often done in a self-developed portal or application, to offer some oversight. After a certain number of installations with a certain number of monitoring systems, evaluating your solar production soon becomes a full-time job.

Moving from complicated to clear

If a property owner wants to connect his facilities in Mestro Portal, a separate integration is needed for each software company. For some, this is preferable, but for most with a number of software solutions, it too often means both extra hassle and dollars. By taking part in the LUMA Energy solution, all your facilities are gathered in one and the same monitoring service. The genius of LUMA Energy’s product lies in the versatility of the readout. By collecting data from all different types of inverters, unlike their competitors, they can monitor the customers usage in one place. On top of this, the company offers the most high-resolution data on the market. Which in the case of solar power becomes important as the insights that follow are often absolutely necessary to make strategic decisions about what your future solar power production should look like.

By connecting this solution to Mestro Portal, the user gets a clear idea of how much solar power is produced. In combination with own sub meters for used solar electricity and the grid company’s measurement of the sold solar electricity (which goes out to the common network), the user is equipped with a powerful analytical tool. This type of overview, alongside one’s other monitoring of electricity, heat, water, etc., offers the user insights necessary to make strategic decisions, not only about future solar installations but about their own electricity trade.

On top of this, LUMA Energy offers an alarm. Given their high-resolution data, they immediately notice if any of the customer’s plants are underperforming and act accordingly. This means that a customer who previously would have had to rely on the following month’s invoice/reading to learn that performance was worse than expected, now receives a real-time alarm.

Brilliantly simple

In our common quest for more renewable energy, the way must be paved for a smooth expansion. Through LUMA Energy’s product suite and its now natural place in Mestro Portal, solar energy has never been smoother. High data resolution, collective and smooth monitoring and a system that immediately tells you if something is not working properly.

In Mestro Portal, solar power will be an equally natural point for reading as electricity and water, which will simplify everything from reporting to cost analysis. Because on our journey towards a sustainable energy landscape, the solutions don’t just need to be smart – they need to be simple.

And it doesn’t get much simpler than this.

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