Join our sustainability revolution!

Join our sustainability revolution!

Start your career in sustainability with a job at Mestro

Mestro is Bestro! We could be biased, but we can back up our brash claims with a good community, good management and a constantly evolving product. Sustainability is at the core of what we do at Mestro and our exciting growth journey has only just begun.

Polaroider Team Mestro

Our team

Among our 30+ colleagues, you’ll find a range of skills (and accents) with one vision: to create a more sustainable future. Some of them have been around for some time, with experience from several departments, while others are just learning the word ‘scale-up’. In 2020, we welcomed a total of 11 colleagues to the family. And soon, there’ll be more of us!

Polaroider Team Mestro

Mestro Labs

Everyone has something to contribute – and that's what we do at Mestro Labs. One afternoon a month, everyone drops their own tasks for a while and we get together and come up with ideas that will shape the future development of our product.

Mestro Talks

One inspiring speaker plus a whole team of people scoffing pizza. From time to time, we have evenings when we get to listen to and learn about new perspectives presented by interesting speakers from different sectors.


Harking back to the more conventional 'bug bash', but with the addition of a cold bottle in the hand of anyone who wants one. Bug beers are when we all get together, go through the latest functions – and basically hunt for bugs. Cheers to that!

Inredning Mestro Kontor

Our wonderful floor at Kungsgatan 10 with design and furnishings by Care of Concept.

We don't climb the walls

At Kungsgatan 10, you open the door top be greeted by our candy floss pink neon sign that says ‘We take our clients on a power trip’. In addition to office space, we also have a 20-metre-long graffiti wall, climbing plants and our kitchen, where we gather for breakfasts and to toast our successes. With a 300-square-metre creative hub in the middle, of course.

Sustainable team dinners

When Mestro is the host, fresh vegetarian dishes are always on the menu. You certainly don't have to be a vegetarian (although many of us are), but if you think vegetarians only eat rabbit food, you've probably come to the wrong place.

Sustainable travel

Doing the right thing should be easy! That's why we prefer to take the train to our client meetings, and if the train journey is longer than five hours, you get an extra day's holiday for your trouble.

Better training

Crossfit, pole vault, cycling… At the office, a lot of us like to move around and we want everyone to be able to maintain a high pace and, at the same time, have plenty of time to recover. That is why we've increased our fitness allowance to SEK 3,500.

Lär känna teamet på 3 minuter!

Här får du ta del av en av våra utmaningar i vår egen serie “Out of Order”. Vill du se mer?

Take a sneak peak at us, the Mestro-ites!

While we’re developing a world-class product, we’re also having a lot of fun. On our Instagram, you can see everything from ‘did you call me this morning?’ matches, to dogs, and a great team spirit. Enjoy!

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We’re always curious about the wider world – so feel free to send us a speculative application anytime!