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Do you have Finnish or Norwegian colleagues - or is it time for you to enter these countries and include them in your portfolio? We’re finally launching Mestro Portal in Finnish and Norwegian, so that Mestro can be helpful for all your nordic team members!

And just like the finns would have put it; it took us a lot of sisu to do it, but it’s oh so worth it to finally present the Mestro Portal in all the nordic languages. The Portal has always been available in Swedish and english and during this fall we have also added danish. And today we’re adding Finnish and Norwegian, to make it even easier to collaborate and spend less energy with your nordic colleagues. 

The language versions are easily accessible when you’re logged in - you’re switching languages under your profile. And that’s a great recommendation from us; instead of trusting Google translate, you can now go into the portal and find out what “meter” is called in Finnish. Cool, right?

Sustainable regards, 
Team Mestro

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