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Reliable prognoses for your planning.

Mestro Management is a custom-made service with reports that enable forecasts for budget planning and provide the basis for monitoring the energy situation of real estate, both individual and in large stocks. Mestro Management often serves as a starting point for planning, changing and following up the energy work on a larger scale.

Our management report is a contributing factor to the fact that administrative work on energy monitoring can be reduced by 40 percent compared to traditional manual handling, follow-up and reporting.

Mestro Management reports are based on the primary customer requirement to reduce the administrative burden on the energy work of the administration. The report automatically presents key ratios and KPIs for the entire stock and individual properties.

The report is delivered monthly, quarterly or yearly, complete with high resolution data, calculation formulas, microcharts and pivot tables. The management report is sent to a specified recipient list and each recipient can work directly in the report file.

Detailed accounting per building.

Mestros Management, like Mestro in general, reports all types of energy. The collection of your energy data, regardless of data or power source, is managed automatically. The graphical profile of the report can also be customized in line with existing Office templates in consultation with our project managers. The report is sent to relevant recipients in your organization and becomes part of the ongoing reporting and follow-up.

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