See tomorrow's savings today!

We make them visual. You make them happen.

See tomorrow's savings today!

We make them visual. You make them happen.

Become our next partner

Become our next partner

If you’re all about sustainability today, your business will be thriving tomorrow. For our partners, this is a fast-track for going from customer dialogue to delivering real value and making discounted prices a thing of the past. Because now it’s time to save. And everyone wins with Mestro!

Broaden your portfolio

‘Not another price list?’ – that’s what your customers are thinking. No, instead of discounts, show them Mestro. A one-way ticket to reduced costs! And also an opportunity to meet more of your customers and their representatives. This way you can secure existing income sources while creating new opportunities.

Grow how and when you want

Do you want to go all-in or work your way along? Our flexible partner programme includes several levels that can be tailored to your ambitions. Choose between referral, reseller, white-label, integration partner or Strategic Alliance.

We will always back you up

Save on your energy – we give you synergy! As part of the commercial partnership, we’ll help you to grow your customer base. Through contact with our partners, we develop best practices on the best way to sell Mestro in – and we share all our insights with you. Completely free. Because we’ll do everything we can to help you close the deal.

Automate your customers' processes and help them save time, money and the environment!

Martin Johansson Skara Energi

"When my customers ask me how they can save energy, I know that Mestro will meet and exceed their expectations. With Mestro's energy monitoring portal, we see a way for property owners in Skara to improve their ability to monitor and then reduce their energy use."

Magnus Johansson, Skara Energi

A selection of our partners

Alexander Olsson, VD på Pigello

"A partnership with Mestro is a natural fit as we share a common vision of making property management more efficient through user-friendly and innovative interfaces. Using Mestro's forward-looking platform, our customers can also manage and get a good overview of all data related to the energy consumption of their buildings. That's what I call efficiency."

Alexander Olsson, Pigello
Hållbar energi

It's easy to get started as a partner of Mestro

It's easy to get started as a partner of Mestro

Kristin Berg FAST 2

"Mestro is unique in offering a complete service for collecting, processing and making energy data visual. Through our collaboration, and together with our customers, we hope to develop and challenge how sustainable decisions are made in the future."

Kristin Berg, FAST2
Steg 1

We close the deal together

We have plenty of shared interests. That’s why the commercial partnership begins with discussing the structure of the partnership and how it’s a win-win for both parties. At this stage, we also tie up all the loose ends, so that it’s just a matter of getting out there and doing what we’re here to do; creating value for you and our customers.

Steg 2

We'll do everything we can for you

Yay, now the fun can begin! Our onboarding process is strategically designed to ensure you get the most out of your portal briefing, introduction to sales and marketing materials, and planning of shared activities. Together, we are setting the stage for a mutual success worth bragging about!

Steg 3

We're always here for you

Think of us kind of like an extra lifeline. Like an ace up your sleeve. Because we’re just a group of people who want you to do well with your sales. That’s why we have ‘Success Meetings’ with you as our partner, to make sure you always have the most up-to-date information from us. In addition, we share best practices, to help you sell even more. Simply because we believe in long-term partnerships.

Michael Allard Elvaco

"Both ourselves and Mestro are focused on providing a cutting-edge technological solution. Because we want to give users, large and small, full control over their energy data, year after year. This will increase customers' awareness of their energy consumption, enabling them to make good choices and reduce their environmental impact."

Michael Allard, Elvaco

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