Welcome to a world of conscious energy consumption!

Our product suite is loaded with smart features and analytics that will make sense of your complex property data. We connect all your energy data in Mestro Portal, regardless of the number of electricity suppliers, systems and properties you have, to give a holistic picture. This makes it easy to save time, energy and money.

Energisignatur i Mestro Portal

Let Mestro be at the centre of your energy efforts

Mestro Collect

Your imagination is the only limit for the data we collect. Everything happens automatically, at a speed that’s as close to real-time as you can get. All your energy, cost and sustainability data will be available in one place. In addition, we give you Mestro Input, which allows your property technicians to manually add data that cannot be retrieved automatically. Do you also want us to import retroactively? No problemo!

Mestro Connect

Doing the right thing should be easy! That’s why we give you access to a whole pool of external data sources, so you can steer your sustainability efforts in the right direction with even greater precision. Calibrate your efforts and compare yourself to others when you add carbon dioxide data, the latest key figures from Swedish authorities, and weather data. We also have experience of integrating business-related metrics such as occupancy for the hotel industry, food waste for restaurants and the number of visitors to a swimming pool.

If you want, you can just sit back and leave all your data resting safely in or vault. Or you can choose to export it seamlessly via our API to the systems your organisation uses daily. Because it’s when energy is linked to business value that the real magic happens.

Then our magical analysis engine gets to work…

Now we’re transforming your raw data into relevant key figures! Our powerful analytics simply do the work for you. We crunch the numbers and right afterwards you’ll have access to intuitive and interactive reports.

Vyer i Mestro Portal

Mestro View

And voilà – the analytics are appearing before your very eyes! Find out about your energy consumption your way. Compare meters, premises, buildings, properties or regions in your entire portfolio. Explore your data through graphs, tables or charts. Identify trends and anomalies in a simple, engaging and intuitive way. Money-saving opportunities are just a few clicks away.

We’ve said it many times and it bears repeating; a better understanding of a building’s energy use also leads to lower energy costs. By having all the data at hand, your critical decisions become data-driven, making it easy for you to see how you can save time, money and energy. Set goals, create forecasts and take control of your energy consumption.

One system. Many uses.

One system. Many uses.

Energy monitoring

We’ll guide you through your data! The portal allows you to monitor and evaluate measurement data and identify anomalies with powerful tools such as alarms for peak loads, energy signatures and integration with weather data. On an aggregated level, you can also compare your properties’ energy use, monitor trends and set targets.

Trendanalys i Mestro Portal
Mestro PM

Sustainability reporting

We’ve prepared everything you need to make the world a better place! Our intuitive reporting tools are like a life-hack for your environmental work and lay the foundations for meaningful sustainability reporting. With the help of dedicated reports, you can easily monitor and achieve your own sustainability goals. Then, if you want to share your success with the world, our interface is a joy to use.

Finance & Management

Two worlds become one! Because now you can link cost data with energy data, opening up the possibility of deeper analysis and also administrative time savings. Learn by analysing historical data and budgets while forecasting and setting goals for the future. Combined with the tenant module, more detailed monitoring and significant payment time savings are also possible


Din resa börjar här. Testa Mestro Free!

Nu lanserar vi också Mestro Free – en gratisversion av Mestro Portal. Skapa dig ett konto med några klick och utforska en ny värld av visualiserad energianvändning. Ett perfekt alternativ för dig som har ett litet fastighetsbestånd eller vill testa på våra funktioner innan du går all in. 

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