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Energy monitoring for the public sector.

Mestros services can easily be tailored for specific requirements from our customers. This also applies to companies within the public sector. On this page we collect information for you who are employed in municipalities, state authorities and publicly owned companies.

Mestro offers Sweden's best service for energy monitoring. In 2017, we received our first public sector partners and afterwards we have won several procurement of energy monitoring systems.

In a large procurement process conducted by the City of Gothenburg City, Mestro received the highest score. In the survey, Mestro was compared to several energy monitoring systems, cost analysis and environmental reporting and Mestro took the title of the best online platform for digital energy monitoring.

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Mestro offers a service that suits both the private and public sectors. The products are tailored to meet unique needs. We collect, process and visualize your energy data, automatically. All on one platform. In addition, Mestro provides environmental reports that saves you both time and headache. Here below are some material to collect that gives you more information about how Mestro works with public sector companies.

Unfortunately the documents are only available in Swedish at this time, coming in English soon.If you need material in English immediately, please contact us.

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