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Innovative platform for energy data.

We are unique in providing a complete service for the collection, processing and visualization of energy data. Our product suite is loaded with smart features and analysis capabilities. Mestro provides an immediate overview of energy profiles and changes, for individual properties or for the entire stock.

With the help of our visualization only, you can reduce your energy consumption by 5-10% (!). Mestro pays quickly by itself, in other words. Scroll down the page to read more about our products.


Decrease of energy use 2017.


Area sqm measured 2017.


More than 600 real estate managers have connected to Mestro.


Immediate results without hardware installment.

  • Mestro’s digital platform visualizes the real value of energy measures
  • Strengthens the relationship with tenants and other stakeholders
  • Helps with budget planning and goals around consumption, cost and environmental impact
  • Automates your energy monitoring.
  • Traceability around processes, goals, individual/region, and subcontractor
  • Support and notifications for higher awareness and better efficiency in your organization

We offer you the opportunity for immediate impact on energy consumption with access to qualitative energy data and analysis. Please feel free to let us know if you want to know how it works!

Half the cost of energy data collection for your entire property portfolio

Directly show hidden potential with prompt reduction of costs

Reduces your environmental impact and facilitates your environmental reporting

Mestro’s services.

Discover a format that suits your needs.

Mestro portal

Mestros energy portal for intelligent analysis and comparison locally or globally.

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Mestro Management

Managing reports that enable forecasts for budget planning.

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Mestro Engage

Responsible app with visualization of KPI in production, consumption, cost and environment.

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Mestro Insight

Engaging reports with KPIs and gamification for employees and management.

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Mestro Input

Specific mobile app for manual collection of measurement data in individual real estate or stocks.

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