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We reveal the dream team for reducing costs for this Autumn!

Summer is - definitely - over, but what are we coming back to? The corona pandemic still defines how we work and live bringing with it many changes impacting so many areas of our lives. But change doesn’t have to be bad - your energy savings can earn from this “new normal”. We’ll reveal how in this delicate piece of energy advice. 

The societal impacts from Corona are different in every country, though “ WFH - Work From Home” has definitely been a more used phrase this year, to say at least. At the same time there are many companies that rely on people being in the workplace struggling with out there trying to run their business as usual and still progress with their growth plans - by having a part of their team working on site. 

As the workforce stutters back towards a new normal, new schedules are being devised and revised to facilitate the blending WFH - Office based paradigm. Balancing Public Health authority guidelines with peak travel times is opening up a new world of energy management opportunities. This new normal - as people work on site according to a schedule - is your key to save energy and money, if you do it right.  

Forewarned is forearmed. When you have developed a schedule for who will be in and when you will be able to project and plan how your office space will be occupied. From this simple exercise you can plan for savings. Let’s say that Department A is in the office on Mondays and Department B on Tuesdays. Scheduled adjustments to the heating, cooling and lightning of the various departments will drive savings that all organisations would be thankful for now.

So - who is included in this so-called Dream Team for this Autumn? The Office Manager working in tandem with the Property Technician. The Office Manager can provide you with the scheduled hours for how the office will be used and the Property Technician can adjust the energy efficiency from that. 

Collaboration on a simple scale can yield significant savings and build team work in new areas! Good luck! 

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